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Hosted by Emily Dellas at her stunning SoMa loft: everyone gets a list of recipes, takes turns preparing dishes, and shares the resulting meal together. As a food-lover without much formal training, though, her approach is to pass on her love for cooking to those who might be intimidated by it, demystifying dishes like profiteroles (the pastry base of cream puffs and Èclairs). She likes to create menus that people can not only prepare themselves, but can feel good about eating on a regular basis – light, healthy, and seasonal. Her courses have room for about 10 people apiece, which means less hands-on time for each person, but the potential for a more festive atmosphere. Bring a friend and a bottle of wine.


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First Class Cooking is made for those twenty and thirty-somethings that find themselves suddenly out in the real world knowing how to make three things: a phone call to the pizza place, a phone call to the Thai place, and a phone call to the Indian place. Emily Dellas, a chef, lover of food, and a twenty-something herself, is the anti-Martha, using time-efficient methods while also placing importance on fresh, local, whole ingredients. All students are involved in all aspects of the meal and class sizes are limited to eight people for hands-on experience. Learn how to mince Thai peppers without burning your fingers, why itís better to use a shitty saucepan when heating the ingredients for banana coconut ice cream, and what the hell galangal is. Each class is a four- or five-course meal arranged around a theme, be it Thai, Indian, or Australian. Emily also sometimes works with a sommelier. The classes are held in a cavernous state-of-the-art kitchen in Pacific Heights where her dog Buffy will greet you at the door when you arrive from your workday. The first priority is to make something quickly so that hungry after-work professionals can munch on something while concentrating on the rest of the meal. The Thai Lime Cilantro Chicken Lettuce wraps that we made were like something I've eaten at Le Colonial and I was shocked to see how easy and quick it is to make them. The end of the class consists of eating the full meal together with your new
acquaintances and Emily. Classes are held four times a week and a single class costs $45.

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